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HYG Technology

PVC Sheets with Active Antimicrobial Action


Innovative HYG technology has set a new standard in hygienic cladding by offering active antimicrobial cladding with low maintenance requirements. PALOPAQUE HYG has either killed or inhibited growth of all pathogens tested to date. As silver ions are uniformly distributed throughout the sheet, scratched or damaged surfaces will be equally effective. Overall maintenance costs can be reduced even further since PALOPAQUE HYG requires less concentrated and more economical cleaning agents in comparison with standard cladding.

Main Benefits

Active antimicrobial protection: Kills microbes
Available as complete HYG cladding system
Long lasting antimicrobial effect
Biocidal capabilities proven by independent tests
Added to benefits of rigid PVC
Formable: HYG properties are maintained after processing

Typical Applications

Wall cladding
Advertising and signage
Chemical process industries
Sterile surfaces in laboratories
Clinics and hospitals
Food industry
Air vents
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