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PALRAM to Re-Roof ANZ Stadium

PALRAM Australia secures ANZ Stadium Re-Roofing Contract


Driven by the need to replace the existing 45,250 sqm deteriorating roof, the ANZ Stadium team sought professional advice from Palram, as a leading manufacturer in the field. Both teams worked side by side to develop a long term viable solution. Palram offered the re-roofing project a specifically designed and built Mutli-walled XL SUNLITE sheet with extended warranty and varying light transmission that suited the stadium perfectly.

Not only will Palram be supplying the polycarbonate multi-walled sheet, but the extruded aluminum and fittings to mount them onto the stadium's roof as well. This will allow us to be a complete solution provider, providing the customer with a one-stop-shop for this project.
  “We designed a product and solution specifically for this project” said Tovi Rotem CEO of Palram Australia. “Having the global resources available to us, and understanding the client’s needs, we were able to give the client a true solution for their requirements. It was a great team effort.”

Supply of the project will commence shortly following the appointment of the installer. The project is expected to run for approx. 12 months.

Palram Australia to supply re-roofing sheets to the ANZ Stadium in NSW Australia.

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