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SUNTUF® BH (Beehive)

Corrugated Beehive (BH) Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet


Palram's SUNTUF BH: High-impact profiled sheets are intended for professional and DIY roofing projects. These sheets combine even higher durability ratings than standard polycarbonate sheets. Additionally, SUNTUF BH produces 100% diffused light with reduced glare as well as high light transmission, which promote increased user comfort and usability. SUNTUF BH sheets are considerably thicker and more robust and as such have greater wind and snow loads as well as greater hail and impact resistance. SUNTUF BH with the beehive embossed underside surface adds an aesthetic appearance in roofing applications.

Main Benefits

100% diffused light for reduced glare
High light transmission - Over 70%
Exterior surface UV resistant
2.8 mm thick - Up to 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate sheets
Excellent impact & hail resistance
High wind load resistance
Good chemical resistance
Lightweight. Easy to handle and install

Typical Applications

Pergolas and gazebos
Patio enclosures
Sundecks and verandas
Covered walkways
Canopies and overhangs
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