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Cool Top®

Quality PVC Profiled Sheet


Cool Top ® is our profiled PVC sheet for DIY, residential & outdoor lifestyle applications. It is the ultimate homeowner's and handyman's solution for a wide array of DIY roofing applications, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact with ease of installation and long service life. Cool Top can be installed with common tools, and together with its light weight it is ideal for DIY roofing, siding and cladding of residential & outdoor shading and rain protection structures such as pergolas, patios, carports and canopies.

Main Benefits

Excellent chemical resistance
Weather and UV resistant
High fire rating
Will not rust or corrod
Ideal for arched roofs, curved walls
High impact - resists breakage
Easily handled, quickly installed
Requires minimum maintenance

Typical Applications

Pergolas and gazebos
Patio enclosures
Sundecks and verandas
Carports & garden sheds
Covered walkways
Canopies and overhangs
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